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    Agriculture is one of our country’s most significant industries. This is the only reason India is known as an agricultural country, with agriculture being the primary source of income for the majority of the population. However, pollution, artificial fertilizers, and chemicals have degraded the value of agricultural land as a result of growing globalization. However, there is a lot of potential in the agriculture sector with the help of low-cost polyhouse buildings. 

    Zeelco Farms is one of India’s most well-known polyhouse construction enterprises. Which is quickly establishing itself as the best polyhouse construction company in Uttar Pradesh. 

    The Best Polyhouse Construction Company in Uttar Pradesh (UP), India 

    When it comes to greenhouses, the old or traditional way is rarely as effective as more updated technology such as polyhouse Construction. Zeelco farms, situated in Uttar Pradesh, is one of the greatest polyhouse construction firms, offering the highest quality plastic film with a G.I. steel frame that is extremely durable. 

    What is Polyhouse Construction? 

    Polyhouse construction is a type of specialized structure that uses materials such as polyethylene sheets or glass to provide complete protection and coverage to any crops. It is well-known for offering a climate that can be controlled for a set amount of time. When it comes to polyhouse types, we have sawtooth poly houses, fan and pad poly houses, maxi-vent poly houses, and polytunnels. 

    How Much Does Polyhouse Construction Cost in Uttar Pradesh? 

    While the majority of farmers in Uttar Pradesh India come from middle-class families, they all have the same question in mind when considering a polyhouse for their farm: “How much does a polyhouse Construction cost?” The cost of building a polyhouse is directly

    proportional to the system you require. Organic farming is divided into three categories based on price: 

    ● Construction of a low-cost or low-tech polyhouse. 

    ● Polyhouse building at a medium cost or with a medium level of technology

    ● Hi-tech poly house or expensive construction. 

    Overall, when it comes to cost, all of these variables are intertwined. You may select any of these combinations based on your needs. 

    Benefits of Hiring a Polyhouse Construction Company in Uttar Pradesh 

    While the majority of farmers believe that polyhouse is simple to set up and doesn’t necessitate any special procedures or approaches, this is not the case. However, the truth is rather different. Hiring a polyhouse Construction Company has a lot of advantages including: 

    ❖ Zeelco farms can provide you with accurate information on how to provide optimal protection from wind, rain, precipitation, radiation, and a variety of other weather situations. 

    ❖ It instructs farmers on how to establish a microclimate that will maximize the growth of any given crop. 

    ❖ It also assists you by offering information on how to increase the concentration of CO2 in order to maximize crop yield. 

    ❖ Different cultivation approaches will be provided to you. 

    Are you looking for a firm that can build polyhouses? Get in touch with Zeelco Farms right away!

    Case Study

    Case Study

    We don’t just provide project details and cost but also provide financial details and guidelines to turn your farming business into a extremely profitable venture.