Soil and Water Testing

Test the soil and water where a modern project will be set up. The pH value of soil & water, micronutrient, the structure of soil will be examined by our scientists to predict which crop is good for your soil.

Gardening, farming, homesteading, permaculture, and life on Earth all start with soil and water. However, soil and water are not the same things. In reality, they have a wide range of qualities all over the world, and even within a single garden or farmhouse.

It’s simple to test your soil and water to get a sense of what you’re dealing with when you’re just starting out. Re-testing every few years is a wonderful way to keep track of your management and make adjustments over time.

So much of what you do can be influenced by knowing the chemical composition of your soil and water. It will assist you in deciding what to plant, how much and what amendments to add, and whether or not you feel secure drinking and utilizing your water. This is a crucial step in applying permaculture principles to live off the land.

Soil Testing

The majority of county agricultural extension agencies will test soil samples for free (simply Google “(your county) agriculture extension service”). A minor fee may be requested by some. These tests provide you with some baseline information, such as pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels in the soil. Extension office testing, on the other hand, is focused more on chemical agriculture than organic gardening and permaculture. You’ll be able to understand your results using the Soil Analyst Cooperative’s helpful charts once you’ve received your data. These diagrams will also suggest (organic) adjustments to address any imbalances.

The Intelligent Gardener, by Steve Solomon, is the source of these diagrams. If you’re interested in learning more about soil remineralization for nutrient-dense crops, here is the place to go.

Water Testing

Purchasing a home water testing kit is the simplest and most cost-effective alternative for water testing. Most heavy metals, bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites are all covered in these kits. Visit the EPA Directory of Water Testing Services by State for professional testing services, then search up the state where you’ll be living off the land and find a local choice.
If you suspect your water source has been contaminated with industrial or agricultural pollutants, make sure the test you employ will detect them. The test must specifically seek for a certain contaminant in order to detect its levels in the water.