Provide Regular Technical Input

We are available 24X7 in your services. We inform you everything about the horticulture like upcoming seeds, new hybrid and organic fertilizers, updates regarding subsidies. We strongly believe in long term relationships with our farming brothers and keep helping them for years and years.

The first step is to limit the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. To power everything from our cell phones to our homes, businesses, and factories, we need to use more renewable energy – and use it more efficiently. Automobiles and trucks that use less gasoline or run on electricity or other alternative fuels must be used. Everyone, including students and teachers, can contribute.

Our energy use at home, at work, and on the go contributes to our “carbon footprint.” We can figure out our effect and compare it to others in our neighbourhood using tools like Berkeley’s Cool Climate calculator and the Carbon Footprint calculator. Find out more about what you can do to help combat climate change.