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  • Founder Message

    “I am taking pride myself working in the agriculture sector, one of the backbones of Indian economy pillars. Just I love working with the farmers and helping them building construction where they can do farming under the roof instead of bearing the extreme heat while working on the farm. I feel like helping farmers means helping the Indian community.”

    Founder is a born farmer and so, he is devoted to farming since childhood. He had worked in the open field farming under the extreme heat and drenching rain. He knows to farm and how hard the life of farmers as he experienced it personally. To enhance production through modern farming technology, he has started horticulture farming and has been associated with it for more than 15 years. Applying his experience and modern agriculture skills, Founder has been assisting aspiring farmers, encouraging them and building the advanced horticulture construction where farmers can grow plants and crops with ease.

    As many farmers are in India are not wealthy enough to afford such expensive construction to yield crops in a larger amount. Founder and his team also assist farmers in preparing documents for a bank loan and even help for government subsidy.

    He always wishes no farmer can commit suicide just because of getting a loss in crop cultivation.

    We support Farmers Providing Assistance in :

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