5 things to consider before buying a greenhouse

5 things to consider before buying a greenhouse

5 things to consider before buying a greenhouse

Greenhouses are no longer things to consider a status symbol for a seasoned gardener. Greenhouses are now ‘just as likely to be used for parties and entertaining as younger families admit they see them. Not just as a way to healthier and eco-friendly living, but as a luxury lifestyle accessory,.

A greenhouse can also be a relaxing spot to relax and enjoy your garden or the rewards of your labor. In fact, Hartley Botanic discovered that 95% of its customers planned to use their greenhouses to grow food. Beautiful plants, mostly as a way to live better and healthier by ensuring the quality of the foods they consume.

When it comes to planting cultivation, greenhouses allow gardeners to extend the growing season, allowing plants that demand higher temperatures to bloom. They’re also a wonderful way to keep pests and diseases at bay.

While greenhouses are unquestionably things to consider beneficial investments, they do necessitate a high amount of upkeep to ensure that they are properly insulating. So, how do you keep your greenhouse plants and flowers alive and well? A team of garden building specialists from BillyOh.com has put together a simple how-to tutorial.

1. Position

Position of green house

Ensuring that the greenhouse is place in an area with the maximum level of exposure to the sun is vital. Avoid placing near tall structures like trees or fences which may obstruct the sun and will cast shadows on the building. Sunlight should be able to burst through on all sides of the building.

2. Heating

Heating in Green House

One of the primary reasons for the success of a greenhouse is the temperature. Insulating the greenhouse is essential, and there are a variety of materials that can provide adequate insulation, though some of them can be quite costly. Use bubble wrap to block off air spaces and limit the rate at which heat is loss for a low-cost option. When it comes to overwintering plants, a thermometer can be really helpful.

3. Guttering

Guttering in green house

In order to save water that can be utilize for the plants, you’ll need to install a guttering system and a butt to capture rain. For people with a lot of plants, this could come in handy during the summer when there’s a chance of a hosepipe ban. 

4. Vents 

Because greenhouses have great temperatures, vents are require to allow hot, rising air to escape and cold air to enter – especially during the summer. This is a significant investment that should not be overlook or undervalue. If necessary, hire an expert.

5. Damp down 

Damp Down in Greenhouse

A vital task in summer, damping down is the act of pouring water onto the greenhouse floor. This is done to create enough moisture and humidity throughout the day which will prevent the plants from suffering heat stress and drying out.

That all are 5 things to consider before you buying the green house.

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