polyhouse construction in delhi

Polyhouse Construction in Delhi

Agriculture is one of our country’s most significant industries. The only reason India is classified as an agricultural country is that agriculture is the primary source of income for the majority of the population. However, pollution, artificial fertilizers, and chemicals have diminished the value of agricultural land as a result of growing globalization. The agriculture business, on the other hand, has a lot of promise with the help of low-cost polyhouse construction.

Zeelco Farms is a well-known polyhouse construction company in India. Which is steadily establishing itself as Delhi’s leading polyhouse construction company.

The best polyhouse construction company in delhi india

The Best Polyhouse Construction Company in Delhi, India 

When it comes to greenhouses, traditional methods are rarely as efficient as more advanced technology such as polyhouse building. Zeelco Farms, situated in Delhi, is a well-known polyhouse manufacturer, offering high-quality plastic film and a G.I. steel frame that is extremely robust.

What is Polyhouse Construction? 

Polyhouse architecture is a type of specialized structure that uses polyethylene sheets or glass to provide total crop protection and covering. It is well-known for being able to customize the climate for a specified amount of time. Polyhouse types include sawtooth poly houses, fan and pad poly houses, maxi-vent poly houses, and polytunnels.

what is polyhouse construction

How Much Does Polyhouse Construction Cost in Delhi? 

The majority of farmers in Delhi, India, are from middle-class families, and when it comes to purchasing polyhouse farming for their farm, they all have the same question in mind: “How much does a poly house price in India?” The cost of building a polyhouse is proportionate to the type of system you want. There are three price categories for organic farming:

  • low cost polyhouse construction or with a low degree of technology.
  • Construction of a polyhouse at a medium cost and with a medium degree of technology.
  • polyhouse construction in india at a high cost or using advanced technologies.

When it comes to cost, all of these factors are intertwined. You can select from any of these combinations depending on your needs.

beenefits of hiring a polyhouse construction company

Benefits of Hiring a Polyhouse Construction Company in  

While most farmers believe that building polyhouse farms is simple and does not require any specific procedures or approaches, this is not the case. On the other hand, the facts are completely different. There are several advantages to hiring a polyhouse construction company, including:

  • Zeelco farms can provide you detailed instructions on how to provide optimal care.
  • Wind, rain, precipitation, radiation, and a variety of other meteorological conditions are all covered.
  • It also teaches farmers how to establish a microclimate that will allow any crop to flourish to its full potential.
  • You will be given a variety of gardening methods to choose from and also get polyhouse subsidy in mp.
  • Do you require the services of a company that can construct polyhouses? Get in contact with Zeelco Farms as soon as possible!
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