Choosing the Right Bench For Green house

Choosing the Right Bench For Greenhouse

Choosing the Right Bench For Greenhouse

It’s critical to choose the proper Bench For Greenhouse your crop in order to improve plant quality and lower labor costs. For over years, Zeelcofarms have been designing, modifying, producing, and constructing high-quality benches for growers. Here are a few possibilities:


Flood Benches:

Flood Benches

Flood benches are an excellent way to save money on irrigation and fertilizing. Fertilizer that was not utilized by the plants is accessible for the next cycle by recirculating water. It’s also good for the environment. Flood benches also serve to prevent sickness by keeping the leaves dry.

Depending on the crop and the grower’s wishes, GGS produces ebb and flood benches with metal trays or plastic liners. You can install your flood benches with the perfect pitch for quickly draining irrigation water away from the plant’s thanks to hot-dipped galvanized adjustable stands. Your pots should never be left in water for longer than necessary.

Expanded Metal Tops Bench For Greenhouse: 

These tops have the benefit of lower costs and higher crop variety versatility. The mitered corners of GGS sides won’t catch your staff’ or clients’ clothing, making them ideal for both garden centers and farmers.

Expanded Metal Tops

Our steel stands, like all GGS benches, are hot-dipped galvanized after manufacturing to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. 


Trough Bench For Greenhouse :

Troughs, like flood benches, are perfect for watering your plants from the bottom. Troughs are rolling out on-site to form a continuous piece that runs the length of your bench. Growers may slant the trough from one end of the bench to the other using GGS adjustable stands, ensuring that water runs continually under your plants.

Trough Benches

While troughs limit your ability to modify pot sizes, the space between each irrigation trough increases vertical airflow and aids in equal drying of the crop. Irrigation troughs, such as flood benches, help growers save money on fertilizer by recirculating water.

Rolling versus Stationary Benches: 

Rolling Bench For Greenhouse 

Rolling Benches  

The main benefit of rolling benches is that they allow you to obtain more manufacturing space by removing pathways. Rolling benches will give you 24 percent – 33 percent more production space in a standard production greenhouse bench arrangement, and in some greenhouses, they may even give you 50% more production space.

Long rolling benches are roll-on 2-inch diameter roll tubes, which ensure a smooth roll. Customers have received benches that are more than 200 feet long from GGS.

Stationary Bench For Greenhouse

Stationary Benches 

Many of the stationary benches we see are made of wood, and while they may be less expensive at first, the long-term expense of maintaining them is high. Wooden benches are also more difficult to clean. Even if your stationary benches are metal, you will lose the flexibility that rolling benches provide, resulting in the loss of valuable crop space and additional labor costs.

Display Bench For Greenhouse :

Display Benches

Garden centers demand a different type of bench than their standard benches. Benches should complement the look of a garden center while also providing convenient storage and display for your plants.

Multi-tier benches are ideal for displaying plants, and they can be constructed to stand alone or to be attached to the greenhouse walls.

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