shelving ideas to optimize space in a greenhouse

5 Shelving ideas to optimize space in a Greenhouse

5 Shelving ideas to optimize space in a greenhouse 

5 Shelving Ideas For optimization

One of the most common problems that gardeners and nursery workers have is figuring out how to make the most of their greenhouse area. Regrettably, some people seek ideas for how to save space in a garden or nursery. Worse, some people don’t have enough space in their nursery to make the most of it because it is little. So if they use Shelving ideas then they get grow in the income and plantation.

Gardeners and nursery professionals may consider shelving when considering space utilization. Shelving is a term that refers to a collection of shelves or other items that are use to organize a space or building. Shelving in a greenhouse can be connect to the inside or set on top of the built-in structure. This will give you more room to organize your plants and gardening supplies.

Here are 5 shelving ideas for gardeners and nursery workers to maximize space in a greenhouse.

1. Utilise a potting bench Shelving ideas

Utilize a potting bench

When it comes to potting plants, a potting bench is unquestionably the most comfortable instrument. This is because gardeners and nursery workers can complete their chores without bending and crouching.

Furthermore, a potting bench is an ideal location for storing gardening supplies, tools, and equipment. The greenhouse will be clutter-free thanks to the employment of this particular bench.

In general, a potting bench that is simple to install, robust, and has a smooth surface is preferable. Here’s a rundown of the two most prevalent potting benches, as well as their distinguishing features.

1. Metal potting bench Shelving ideas

  • It has a straightforward appearance.
  • Low upkeep is required.
  • It is simple to clean.
  • It’s tough and durable, and it’ll last you a long time.

2. Wood potting bench Shelving ideas

  • Has a natural appearance
  • They’re more substantial than aluminum benches.
  • It is readily clogged with dirt and dust.
  • frequent upkeep is required

2. Install a shelf kit

Install a shelf kit

Shelf kits are essentially do-it-yourself shelves. They normally arrive with all of the necessary components, making installation a breeze. Shelves, support grommets, brackets, screws, and other accessories are frequently included in their shipments. An installation manual is also included to aid users through the process.

A shelf kit with easy repositioning capabilities is a fantastic choice. Gardeners and nursery staff will be able to move them around the greenhouse this way.

Certain shelf kits can be connected to a greenhouse’s frame. When put side by side in a greenhouse, these shelf kits can provide a greater workspace. 

3. Use staging shelves

Staging shelves are typically used to provide additional storage space for plants. Built-in or removable shelves are available. In a greenhouse, both alternatives are essential.

Because the removable staging shelves may be used outside for border crops, they can help save room in a greenhouse during the summer. The built-in ones, on the other hand, can be useful for storing tools, seeds, and pots.

Plants can benefit from more shaded regions created by staging shelves. Plants that demand low light will benefit from this.

With all of these advantages, purchasing a staging shelf is well worth the money. However, before making a purchase, it’s critical to evaluate the available space and the plants’ requirements. This will help you find the best one for your greenhouse and crops.

Here are a few qualities to look for while choosing a greenhouse shelf.

Has a designated potting bench  

Has a designated potting bench

A potting bench is included with some shelves. In a greenhouse, this shelf with a specialized potting bench is ideal. As a result, you won’t need to acquire a separate potting table.



When choosing shelves, a shelf with a hole is also a nice alternative. The opening will provide optimum air circulation and drainage for the plants. The drainage system aids in the removal of surplus water from plants. Because stagnant water can serve as a breeding ground for pests and illnesses, it should be removed from plants.

Moving shelves 

Moving shelves 

For added flexibility, shelves that are freestanding should be considered. Other good options are shelves with wheels. This will allow gardeners and workers to rearrange plants easily.



Using an adjustable shelf allows gardeners and nursery workers to adjust the shelf according to their heights. This will also give them easy access to the storage.


Make sure that the shelf is durable and lightweight. With that, a well-made metal shelf is recommended since they are built to lasts. They also require low maintenance and are easy to clean

4. Create separate zones in a greenhouse

Zoning can aid in the efficient use of greenhouse space. Gardeners and nursery workers will be able to plan where their shelves and benches will be placeing inside the greenhouse thanks to zoning.

Create separate zones in a greenhouse

Keeping gardening tools and equipment in a designated area will help you save time when looking for them. Basically, they can be put on nearby shelves to keep the area tidy and to make it easier to find them when needed.

Growing plants in a greenhouse divided into zones is also a wonderful idea. Plants can be divide into zones base on their temperature requirements. Plants that demand lighter, for example, might be placed near the heat source, while cold-tolerant plants should be keep away from it. Those shelving ideas strategy can give the ideal growing environment for plants. 

To separate space inside a greenhouse, consider these zoning aspects below.

  • Edible plants area
  • Non-edible plants area
  • Storage area
  • Potting area
  • Flower zone
  • Planting area
  • Cutting area
  • Propagation zone
  • Harvest time
  • Watering
  • Plant types

5. Use hooks, hang pots, and other greenhouse accessories

Use hooks, hang pots, and other greenhouse accessories

Hanging pots, tools, and other garden items is another fantastic way to save room in a greenhouse. Gardeners and nursery staff can also hang plants outside the greenhouse to make it more appealing.

By attaching hooks to the rafters of a wooden greenhouse, they may utilize the space beneath the roof. If your greenhouse is built of aluminum, however, you can simply attach the hook to the frame. This is a great spot to store gardening necessities including watering cans, gloves, tools, herbs, and more.

Conclusion for Shelving ideas

It is critical to utilize every square inch of the greenhouse. Gardeners and nursery workers can create a better working environment by making greater use of their space. Shelving can be a useful tool for gardeners who wish to make the most of their greenhouse area. These 5 space-saving ideas can be explore by individuals who want to try shelving.

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